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  • Campaign Update

    It has been a very busy few months. With my recently held local business forum my campaign has gained positive momentum. I have been out speaking with residents and business owners in the community on a range of issues and concerns. I will continue to make myself available to meet with you at Woolworth’s Town centre on various days and weekends. Alternatively please call me at any time…

  • Business Regeneration Forum

    On Tuesday 13th Dec at 6.30-7.30pm at the Sharks Sporting Club, Colburn Ave, Victoria Point, local business Owners from Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island are invited to attend a Business Regeneration Forum.

  • Campaign Launch

    Your Voice Counts – so come along to the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club on Tuesday 11 October at 6.30-8.30pm. Support Louise, meet residents, businesses and community groups from Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island.

  • Small Business Closures

    Have you noticed the number of small retail businesses that are vacant lately in Victoria Point? I am personally shocked to see that Lenards Chicken, Luscious Café, Noodle Box, Urban Burger, Kiss my Fish, Big Chief Burgers, Hot Vanilla have all closed. Is this due to the 11.5% increase in commercial rates which has pressured landlords to increase rent?