Victoria Point & Coochiemudlo Div.4

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Knock Knock...

I have been out door knocking for many weeks now and I can honestly say we have a wonderful community that I would be proud to represent. Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me and in some cases even been waiting for me to arrive. I genuinely have been overwhelmed at the positive response and kindness from people with offers of assistance with my campaign.

The issues are far and wide obviously so I thought I would highlight the top five:

1. Rates – is a hot topic people want better value and would like to see future increases capped to CPI, they understand they will not be frozen or lowered.
2. Tip fees – people want fees abolished and are in favor of the voucher system and not curb side pick up.
3. Speeding – many people would like to see traffic calming in residential areas.
4. Trees – are a concern on nature strips and are causing all kind of problems as they are not being maintained by Council.
5. Safe communities – residents feel the demographic is changing with many new people moving into our area. Recently local crime has been on the increase which is a concern to all residents and a threat to our relaxed lifestyle.

I will continue to door knock and look forward to listening to your concerns over the coming weeks.

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