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Your Voice Counts

Value Your Vote on Election Day - Sat 28th April 2012

Local Council Election Day has been changed to Saturday 28th April 2012.

On a positive note this will allow residents more time to find out all about each candidate and where they stand on various issues. I recommend that all residents ask candidates as many questions as possible. Remember you are employing this person to represent YOU and be YOUR voice. Ensure that who you vote for is honest and will stand up for your rights and the community.


Redlands Planning Scheme:
This Council election is especially important as the Redlands Planning Scheme is due to be revised. Every block of land in the City is given a zoning. Once a zoning has been approved in the Planning Scheme any application submitted that complies with the conditions of that zoning can be automatically approved.

On 1st July 2012, Redland City will take back control of local water and wastewater distribution and retail services from Allconnex, however the State will continue to own and operate the bores, dams and reservoirs (bulk water) they bought from Redland City Council and will continue to set the bulk price on water.

There are many other issues that are important in this election and much work to be done by our new Council. We all deserve better value for our rate paying dollars but the only way we will achieve it is by having honest, independent representation in Council by voting in the right people. Please value your vote on Election Day!

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